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Regular oil changes and engine service is great, but Ford brakes service jobs are even more important. Neglecting engine service may result in the vehicle not being able to move. Do the same with brakes, and an inability to stop the vehicle may occur — that's a far more dangerous situation. At the DESOTO Ford service center in Arcadia, FL, we want to help you avoid that entirely by providing you with all the brake service you may need.

We can also handle all your other services, from a new set of tires from our tire center to an oil change with our service center.

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The Parts Involved in Ford Brakes Service and Repair

They may seem simple, but a brake system has several parts that will eventually need replacement and servicing. Whether it's your Ford F-150 brake pads or your Mustang brake rotors, we're here to help. Some of the brake parts involved in the brakes service we offer near Cape Coral, FL, include:

  • Brake pads: A metal pad with a friction generating surface, your brake pads bring the wheels to a stop. They'll wear down and lose performance with time. Ford brake pad replacement is the most common service, and you'll know it's time for service when you hear a scraping or squealing noise while braking.
  • Brake rotors: A rotor is connected to and spins with the vehicle's wheel. When your Ford Focus brake pads apply friction to them, the wheels are in turn brought to a stop. Naturally, they'll wear down and need servicing or replacement.
  • Brake calipers: What makes stopping power possible in Ford brakes is the caliper. Using a hydraulic piston, a caliper presses the pads against the rotor. Typically, calipers will require servicing every couple of years, with replacement needed if unacceptable wear or damage is found.
  • Brake lines: Sending the hydraulic brake fluid to the caliper, the lines are vital to the entire system. Usually, only an inspection will be needed during Ford brakes service, but a replacement is crucial if the lines are compromised.

That may all sound intimidating, but our Ford service coupons will ease your mind with the deals we offer. What's more, only genuine OEM parts are used by the DESOTO Ford Parts Department, so you can rest assured that your brakes are up to spec.

Find Ford Brakes Service and More at Our Service Center Near Fort Myers, FL

Whether it's a Ford brake recall or routine brake pad replacement, our service center is here for all your braking system needs. From an oil change to battery replacement as well, we can handle all the service needs your Ford vehicle may face. So contact us with the form below, and experience the top-notch service that we're proud to offer you and your vehicle.

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